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   Olympus E-System - NEW - JULY 2004

   Olympus non-OM cameras: Pen, Pen F/FT/FV, Rangefinder, XA

bulletInformation and links regarding non-Olympus cameras
bulletPost 1960, pre Point & Shoot Olympus cameras of the 80's, 90's, 00's
bulletNon-IS cameras
bulletNon-digital cameras

   OM System

Olympus Zuiko Lenses - Ebay Auction History

bulletLists Ebay auctions for Olympus Zuiko lenses fitting the Pen-F/FT and OM-System.
bulletOnly includes one-lens auctions, no bodies or accessories.  I didn't keep track of conditions of each item, which I guess taints the data from a statistical viewpoint.  I also deleted any auctions of parts-only items or real ugly lenses.  But there is a significant range of auction prices for many common items.  This is of course due to age, condition, and new-in-the-box items.
bulletOnly includes auctions meeting reserve.  As with any auction data, the results are very dependent on the seller's motivation, market conditions, item description.  Make sure you understand the source.  It's not controlled, retail store, or "blue book" data.
bulletAuctions from 5/9/99 to 8/12/01 are included.  The data for much of 2000 and 2001 is not complete; I probably have 75% of the total auctions over this period though.  But be careful if you want to use this data for time series analysis or trending.  Much of the later common lens auctions for 50, 28, 135mm are not included.  I just didn't have time to deal with the volumes.  I tried to keep up with the rarer items so that the data was comprehensive. 
bullet2965 auctions in the dataset.  No more mass updates are planned.  It just takes too much time.
bulletAuction History
bulletAnalysis only page: summary high, low, volume, average, std deviation
bulletMin-max graph page: stock chart-like graphs of OM and Pen data

OM-System in Print

bulletVarious images from public use of OM equipment. 
bulletCurrently has 3 National Geographic images

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