Non OM-System OLYMPUS Cameras

This page/section is devoted to non OM-System Olympus cameras after 1960 and before the IS-series, Point & Shoot, and Digital cameras.  That would include all the Pen cameras, the 70's rangefinders, the compacts of the XA series, etc.  I'm not going to get into a definitive source for information on these cameras, just various links.  There are lots of other sources for the cameras already in print and on the web.

Olympus Pen F/FT Literature

If you have a desire for photocopies of any of these pieces, please send me an Email, I'll be happy to make copies at my cost + shipping.  There is a Word-2000 file and a Rich-Text-Format file.  Take your pick.

bulletThe Olympus Pen Literature Archives
bulletWord Formatted file
bulletRich-Text format


Olympus Pen Gallery - by Shinichirou Houkibara.  In both Japanese and English



CameraQuest: - Only the Pen D2 and the Pen F/FT are profiled

bulletPen F/FT
bulletPen D2

Biofos - UK site concentrating on Olympus collectables.   Currently highlighting John Foster's fabulous new book on Olympus Pen viewfinder cameras.

Claus Marin - Great site on all the Olympus cameras produced.  Special details on the Pen cameras.

Mailing List

I run a mailing list that was set up on 5/22/00 devoted to the cameras discussed on this page. Here is the welcome message:

This mailing list is devoted to the interest of Olympus cameras not belonging to the OM-system. This includes the Pen 1/2 frame viewfinder and reflex cameras. It also includes the rangefinder, viewfinder, and XA-series cameras of the 1960's-80's. Discussions are welcome, as are For Sale postings. Please do not publicize your own online auctions here (i.e. Ebay). Discussions of interesting auctions underway are OK. Also, please no commercial advertisements and limit your For Sale postings to once per week.

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